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Clubbercise Swindon
Fitness class swindon

Fitness Classes in Swindon and Marlborough with Amyfitness.

Fitness Classes Starting again from January 6th! 

Any of my exercise classes Clubbercise Swindon or Clubbercise Marlborough  will get you moving, have fun, burn calories, improve body confidence, tone those wobbly bits and increase your overall fitness!

I would rather you had fun at my fitness classes and not worry about the moves!

My fitness classes are for everyone and anyone, inclusive of all abilities and aged 14+ 

Lots of my classes are 'back to back' and and there are pricing discounts! £5 per class, or do any 2 in a week for £8. You can pay cash upon arrival or pay online through the website.  (Select offline terms on checkout).

Some venues do get busy, so please try and reserve/book in advance!

Clubbercise Swindon

Clubbercise Class Swindon

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