Stay safe at home! Get fit online!

Any of my Online classes including Clubbercise, Legs Bums & Tums or Body Blitz can be joined from wherever you are in the UK and in the comfort of your living room! No having to worry about social distancing, going to the gym or cleaning of equipment or facilities! 

My classes will get you moving, ensure you have fun, burn calories, help you lose weight, improve body confidence, tone up those wobbly bits and increase your overall fitness!

Just £2 per class per household.

Pay as you go for each class

Just book a class and you will be sent an online link to the live class. You can join and view with a phone, ipad or laptop! You just need to see/hear me! Also don't worry about being on 'show,' I spotlight my video so that you see me and not everyone else!

To see the full schedule, click here or book now.

Online fitness classes are for everyone and anyone, inclusive of all abilities and fitness levels.

It's OK if you haven't exercised in a while, if you have two left feet, you feel self - conscious, or not good with technology. These classes are designed for you; to be comfortable, to be simple to join and to do, but more importantly to feel relaxed, have fun (yes it's possible) and to build up confidence.


Online Clubbercise Classes,

Dance Aerobics but in the dark!

We use GLOW sticks in our hands (optional whilst online)

as we light up and dance around the room! 

Yes this is still a fitness class!

Music and dance are great stress relievers, both

help boost confidence and mental health. 

 Suitable for all abilities and because the class is viewed by you in your living room you don't need to worry about being the most coordinated of movers - noone will see you!

Build up your self-confidence away from bright lights, gym mirrors and get fit indoors. I spotlight my video so you only see me! 

Plus burn up to 500 calories!


 £2 per online class - Join wherever you live.

Book an online class and join with the link sent in an email.


​​This online class is for muscle toning and conditioning of the body and is of light intensity. Muscular toning will be improved as well as flexibility. Your own body weight is used for resistance or you can use hand weights. Ideal for those that wish to tone and achieve muscle definition. This class is designed for all ages and involves no lying down on your knees and no sit ups.


It is a great accompaniment to a cardio class as it tones

the muscles after you've burned them in an aerobic class. Calories burned in legs, bums, tums is between 200-400 

£2 per online class - Join wherever you are.

Book an online class and join with the link sent in the booking email.

Fitness Class Online


Give yourself a total body workout!

We work the upper, lower and core parts of our bodies in this medium - high intensity workout. Based on HIIT style exercises where we work the body in intervals between strength and cardio movements designed to burn calories fast! It is a great accompaniment to either a cardio class, or a toning class as we are working our muscles in different ways. You will work up a sweat!

£2 per online class - Join wherever you are.

Book an online class and join with the link sent in the booking email.



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