Weekday Evening Fitness Classes

£5 class - if you do two a week it's just £4 each class

Dance in the dark aerobics! No Bright Lights or Mirrors!

Mon - Clubbercise -  7.35pm - Red Oaks Primary School, SN25 2AN

Tues - Clubbercise - 6.35pm & 7.35pm - Tregoze Primary School, SN5 6JU

Thur - Clubbercise - 7.30pm - Marlborough Community & Youth Centre, SN8 4BA

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Please book/reserve your space online as some venues can get very busy. 

To pay 'on the night' select offline payment on the booking form.



Tel: 07921 841139

Email: amyfitnessclass@outlook.com

Facebook: Search Amyfitnessclass


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