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My Classes  


Any of my fitness classes (Clubbercise Swindon, Legs, Bums & Tums or Zumba) will get you moving, have fun, burn calories, improve body confidence, tone those wobbly bits and increase your overall fitness!

I would rather you had fun at my classes and not worry about the moves!

Classes are for everyone and anyone, inclusive of all abilities and aged 13+ (age 16 for Legs Bums and Tums)

Some venues have limited spacing and by reserving in advance you will guarantee your place. You can still pay cash on the night, by selecting 'offline' payment. 

Lots of my classes are 'back to back' and and there are pricing discounts!  View Timetable £5 per class, or do any 2 in a week for £8. You can pay cash upon arrival or online.


Dance aerobics, but in the dark! We use GLOW sticks in our hands as we light up and dance around the room! Yes this is still a fitness class! An aerobic workout dancing to 'disco' or 'club' based tunes, starting our 'weekend' on a school night! You'll be GLOWing all week!

Music and dance are both great stress relievers and can both boost confidence levels. As this class is based in a dark/darkened room, it allows you to move and build up your confidence without the glare of bright lights or gym mirrors.

It doesn't matter if you haven't exercised in a few years, months or days the class will suit anyone that likes moving around to some cracking tunes! Suitable for all abilities and aged 13+

Legs, Bums &Tums 

Who hasn't heard of this fitness class?! It's lasted the test of time and still appeals to everyone and is class that 'does what it says on the tin!'

This class features toning and stretching the core body areas, it is a great accompaniment to Beatz or Clubbercise as it tones the muscles and helps to achieve definition.

This is not a cardio class and those wishing to 'get fit' would benefit from one of my other classes, as this class is more muscular endurance and resistance.

The class involves some floor work. Please bring your own mat (yoga/camping style mat) as it's never pleasant sharing the one that someone sweaty has used from  the previous week! Urgh!

Please bring your own yoga/pilates/camping mat

A fun aerobics workout that incorporates dance moves and gives a total body workout. Mixing low and intensity moves that really burn the calories!

A combination of Zumba inspired music as well as some pop tunes to get us moving and dancing away!

Suitable for all abilities and aged 13+