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Clubbercise Swindon

Clubbercise Swindon classes are a fun, easy to do dance workout, with 'old skool' dance and club music, taught in a darkened room with disco lights, UV lights and glow sticks.

Suitable for all abilities and ages 14+ and because the class is taught in the dark you don't need to worry about being the most coordinated of movers! Build up your self-confidence away from bright lights and gym mirrors. Plus burn up to 600 calories!

£5 a class if you book online or on the door, on the night. Some venues have limited spacing and by reserving in advance you will guarantee your place. Pay cash on the door even if you book/reserve online, or pay by card securely online.

Glow sticks are free to hire for your first class (try before you buy) then £5 a pair afterwards with free lifetime replaceable batteries.

NEW CLIENT OFFER - buy 5 classes in advance get FREE Glow sticks.

(Offer available by Cash on the night)

Mondays - Red Oaks Primary School (Redhouse) - 19.35pm

Tuesdays - Tregoze School - (West Swindon) - 18.35pm & 19.35pm

Thursdays - Youth & Community Centre, M'borough 19.30pm

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Clubbercise Swindon with AmyFitness

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