Join my Clubbercise dance aerobics class; a fun, easy to do workout to 90s - 00s dance songs, taught in a darkened room with disco, UV lights and optional glow sticks! 

Suitable for all abilities and because the class is in a darkened room you don't have to worry about being the most coordinated of movers - it's in the dark! Build up your self-confidence, wellbeing and get fit indoors. Plus burn up to 500 calories!

Held at Tregoze Primary School, West Swindon SN5 6JU

Tuesdays 7pm

£5  per 45 minute class - PAYG for each class - book online.

Book and reserve your space online! 

Glowsticks are £5 per pair and are not required for the first class.

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Example of  a Clubbercise Class! - Yes it's in the dark!