Hello, I’m Amy Fitness! My name came about due to people trying to describe me as in ‘you know Amy, the fitness instructor’ so the name was born!

As I’ve mentioned I’m a qualified fitness and gym instructor teaching a fusion of Clubbercise, aerobics, Barre, HIIT and toning based fitness classes in Swindon, but since the lock down I have been online and I'm so excited about going back to face - to face classes! My aim to you is to provide a relaxed, fun, fitness class to either become more active, more fit and provide a sociable environment to do so! Did I say, and to 'have fun?!' 

My classes are suitable for all abilities and I would rather you came and 'had a go' rather than think 'that's not for me'. I have ladies and gents from ages 14 - 75 come to my classes who have both surprised and challenged me, as they want to do them all! I also understand you may have 'nerves', 'lack of confidence' or 'anxiety' about coming to a class. Please contact me beforehand and I will do my best to either meet with you in advance, chat with you, send you videos/photos of what to expect so you are more relaxed. My classes aren't daunting I promise!!

What else may you want to know?

Well I’ve studied marketing for years and this is still is my passion, however I love teaching and providing fitness classes where people feel happy to be themselves and just have a dance around!

I’m not ‘uber’ skinny and I love my chocolate! My friends thought I would become this nutritional health chick when I started fitness and I’m pleased to say this has still not happened! I will confess to going a ‘glowing hot pink colour’ when I’ve finished a class.

I have a little long haired chihuahua who is my baby!! You may find us walking or running around the park together or watch her just chasing after the ducks.

I’ve had my DBS check and ‘I’m clear’ as well as being a qualified First Aider and Mental Health Aware

Anything else? Just ask me!

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