Clubbercise Class Online - dance aerobics but in the dark!

We use GLOW sticks in our hands (optional whilst online)

as we light up, have fun and move to 90s - 00s song tracks!

Burn calories to this cardio online fitness class, take part wherever you are, wherever you live! Great for those wanting to get fit and improve their overall fitness at home! 

Suitable for all abilities and ages 14

Online Clubbercise Class - Mondays 7.15pm  

Online Fitness Class, Clubbercise Swindon
​​Legs Bums, Tums & Arms Online is for muscle toning and conditioning of the body and is of light intensity.
Muscular endurance will be improved along with the shaping and definition of muscles, all with your own body weight.
This online class is great when paired with Clubbercise, as it will tone the muscles after you burn off the calories with aerobics.
Optional use of weights, chair for balance and mat for floorwork
Suitable for all abilities ages 16 +
Online Class - Wednesdays 7pm

Online Body Blitz - give yourself a total body workout!

We work the upper, lower and core parts of our bodies in this medium - high intensity workout. Based on HIIT style exercises where we work the body in 1- 2 minute intervals between strength and cardio movements with a dedicated ab session. All designed to burn calories fast!


Online Class - Tuesdays 7.15pm

"These are great and easy to do classes, with different options given for each exercise. Since starting them my problem areas are starting to tone and change. Brilliant instructor, Thank You Amy."


Yoga Mat

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